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inClinic is a cloud based SaaS video collaboration platform that connects patients with doctors – facilitating round-the-clock appointment booking, onsite and remote consultations.

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inClinic provides a better doctor patient virtual experience.


There are certain diseases and conditions that are stopping people from visiting their doctors in-person. Now you can connect with any doctor at any time, while maintaining your privacy with inClinic video consultation platform.


Don’t miss your regular health check-ups, due to the fear of the ongoing pandemic. With inClinic a safe and secured virtual consultation can be fixed from the comfort of home.


No matter the distance or locality, people even from smaller towns and cities can easily access healthcare facilities. With inClinic, expert doctors and quality healthcare can be effortlessly available for all.

Coordinate care

Coordinate Care More Easily

Avoid the hassle and stress of being passed on from one doctor to another. As for patients with numerous health conditions seeing multiple doctors is often unavoidable. Hence, with inClinic video collaboration platform easily interact with various specialists from your home, hassle-free.

Coordinate care easily

Never Miss an Appointment

Patients most of the times don’t adhere to the duration of their treatment plans, which makes them miss their follow-up appointments. inClinic helps the patients to show up for their appointments on time and, since there’s no travelling required it automatically increases the chance of the patients sticking to their Follow-up plans.

Make life easier

Make Life Easier for Patients

Visiting a doctor’s clinic can be quite frustrating and a time-consuming experience, but now this can be easily minimized by using inClinic video collaboration platform.

Rural Patients

Provide Better Care Access for Rural Patients

Not everyone has the luxury to own a car or reside nearby convenient public transit routes. This can have severe consequences in the time of emergency. inClinic video collaboration platform eliminates this barrier by delivering care right at your home and making sure that the location never gets in the way of your well-being.

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